Ioannis Mirtsopoulos

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Ioannis Mirtsopoulos is a researcher with multidisciplinary background. He holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from EPFL, Switzerland, a MAS in Digital Fabrication from ETH, Switzerland, a MSc in Building Technology from TUDelft, the Netherlands, and a Diploma in Architectural Engineering from AUTh, Greece. Prior to his doctoral studies, Ioannis worked as research assistant at Block Research Group (BRG) in ETH, Switzerland.

During his PhD he developed a grammar tailored to the design space exploration of conceptual structural design, implemented into a Grasshopper plugin, named Libra. Since the public release of Libra, Ioannis has presented and distributed the tool to eCAADe and simAUD communities where he held similar workshops, as well as university students in the framework of their studies. He has also taught mathematics (geometry, calculus, linear algebra) and conceptual structural design courses to bachelor and master students.

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